COVID-19 Update:

  • After careful consideration, the Executive Council has agreed that we will close all our congregations to our members and the general public. Only the congregations that have the capability to livestream will have their essential staff onsite to provide the required technology and support to broadcast.
  • We strongly suggest that all our members refrain from visiting members who are ill at home, in a long or short term facility or hospital. In addition, it is mandatory that our members avoid group gatherings of 5 people. We are enforcing this government policy and other social distancing rules.
  •  As well, our 2020 Convention, which was slated for June 30th – July 5th, 2020 is now tentatively scheduled for July 3rd – July 5th.  Again we will keep you posted on any changes.
  • We recognize that some of our congregations have established processes already in place to help with their financials. However; for congregants within a congregation that do not and require additional assistance, you can go to our corporate website com, click on the link give. You will be able to make financial contributions to your local congregation. 100% of funds collected will be forwarded to your local assembly on your behalf.
  • We further recognize that the events of the past few weeks are having social, economical and phycological impacts on our members. Let there be no doubt: We are here for you! We ask you not to suffer in silence.  Are you experiencing any challenges? Please reach out to your local Pastor immediately for support and advice.

We appreciate how the uncertainty regarding COVID-19 and its impacts may be unsettling to our families. We encourage you to follow the guidance of our public health agencies and the recommended tips to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading this virus. Please continue to check  (COVID-19) outbreak regularly for the latest updates.